Teaching activities developed by the University of Liege at STARESO involve field-based courses and practical training programmes.

STARESO education 
  • Designed to put into practice teaching theory taught at Liege in various fields (oceanology, biology, ecology…), practical courses are organised each year at STARESO. These include among others,
  • A week-long science discovery course for the Corsica competition graduates.
  • A week-long field study for students in the second year of the Bachelor’s degree in Science at the University of Liege (Biology, geology, geography, physics, mathematics…) (OCEA0053-1) (on registration).
  • A two week-long course for students in the first year of the Master’s in Oceanography at the University of Liege (OCEA0091-1).

Through the originality, variety and complementarity of actions conducted at STARESO, the students will be guaranteed to develop the necessary contact with the marine environment, to apply state-of the-art technologies and to become immersed in high-level multidisciplinary teams with a broad international exposure.

Other universities also come to STARESO…

to organise practical work there: the University of Groningen (Holland), the University of Kiel, Stuttgart, … (Germany), the University of Yale and Santa Cruz (USA), the University of Faro (France), the University of Paris (Pierre et Marie Curie, LOV), Nice, Corsica, … (France), the University of Baleares (Spain), the University of Tasmania (Australia), Stazione Zoologica di Napoli (Italy), the University of Innsbruck (Austria)…

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