Researchers can have access to the station’s facilities:

  • 1 conference room
  • 3 laboratories
  • 4 boats
  • Numerous aquariums
  • 1 diving school and diving equipment

Equipment provided by the University of Liege is available in STARESO. This equipment enables researchers to constantly measure the different biological and physical-chemical parameters:

On land:

  • 2 meteorological stations

Under the sea:

  • A temperature probe and an associated logger installed at a depth of 3 m
  • 15 Hobo temperature data loggers, installed at depths of between 5 and 40m
  • des optodes (oxygen)
  • light probes

Equipment enabling in situ measurements and analysis of harvested samples:

  • 2 CTD probes (Conductivity, temperature, depth)
  • 3 current meters and their probes (turbidity, pigments, …)
  • several NISKIN bottles
  • un Diving PAM
  • an automatic Skalar SAN nutrient analysis chain
  • 2 milli-Q water systems

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