Founded in 1972, the STARESO “Submarine and Oceanographic Research Station” belongs to the University of Liege. STARESO is a scientific station dedicated to marine research. It is located in Calvi Bay on the North-Western coast of Corsica (France) in the Mediterranean Sea. This oligotrophic zone is classed as a “reference site” in the Mediterranean Sea because environmental impacts due to anthropic pressure are weak.

Calvi bay is characterised by benthic and pelagic ecosystems associated with a large biodiversity. The bay is home to a complete range of Mediterranean coastal ecosystems (Posidonia and Cytoseria, Lithophyllum , rocky substrate, sandy bottoms…). The bay is influenced by the liguro-provencal front. The region is colonised by emblematic, threatened and protected species all of which come here to reproduce and feed.
Since 1988, our station has been working in private partnership to study the marine environment.

With its feet firmly implanted in the water thus guaranteeing direct access to the sea, STARESO is an exceptional natural site in terms of its natural beauty and preservation. The buildings are sheltered by a small port and they include laboratories, rooms and sleeping quarters, a kitchen, and also a complete infrastructure for undersea diving. There is direct access to the marine natural environment from the quays or by boat from the centre.

“It is an ideal place to sustain educational activities in marine science, to develop national and international research”.

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